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About Heatizon Systems

Heatwave Systems LLC and Heatizon Systems began making low voltage electric radiant snow melting, radiant in-floor space heating and radiant floor warming products over 27 years ago. As a pioneer in the area of electric radiant products, Heatizon Systems has been a trend setter for its industry. Heatizon Systems low voltage products utilize two heating elements Tuff Cable and Z Mesh. Tuff Cable is designed to go in something like asphalt, new pour and existing concrete, a sand bed or a Heatizon Heatsink Kit. These products provide the consumer with options and flexibility. Tuff Cable is durable, low-voltage cable strong and versatile enough to melt snow and ice off of roofs and driveways, parking lots and walkways, as well as powerful enough to generate unparalleled comfort in floor warming and radiant in-floor heating applications. ZMesh is the thickness of a standard window screen, yet is robust enough to provide perfectly even radiant heat for the ultimate in radiant floor warming, radiant in-floor heating or radiant roof snow melt and de-icing performance.
Heatizon System is the leader in luxury radiant heating, radiant snow melting, radiant roof snow melt and deicing, and radiant floor warming systems. Our systems are perfect for any home or building because they provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to heating, snow melting, warming needs. Heatizon Systems products are installed in ‘zones’, allowing our customers to integrate radiant heat into as few or as many, as large or small, of areas as they wish. Each zone or area allows you to maximize energy efficiency, reduce utility costs, and enjoy the comforts of radiant heat wherever you spend your time or need the protection.

Our Company

Heatizon Systems has been making radiant in-floor heating, radiant snow melting, radiant roof snow melt and de-icing, radiant floor warming, and/or radiant freeze protection products since 1979. All of the products that Heatizon Systems makes are energized by electricity and are designed to deliver years of trouble free comfort, convenience and risk reduction. Most of the products that Heatizon Systems makes are low voltage and utilize one of two heating elements, ZMesh or Tuff Cable. Heatizon Systems has many radiant experts on staff to answer any questions related to the operation or installation of our products.Today we are nested in the heart of the Great Salt Lake Valley. Heatizon Systems offices are located at 4137 South 500 West, Murray, Utah 84123. We have a national sales team, and have registered installers, dealers and distributors all throughout the United States.


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