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Radiant Trak Portable Snow Mats for Stairs


Snow Melting on Stairs


The Radiant Trak Rubber Stair Treads  are an effective way to eliminate snow and ice accumulation on outdoor stairways, which are   considered the most dangerous slip and fall hazard around the home.  Radiant Trak rubber top stair treads are connected together with a single wire and sold in groups of 3, 4 and 5 steps.  Each group of stair treads has a 15-foot power lead that plugs into standard outlets using an integrated equipment leakage circuit
interrupter (ELCI circuit protection).



Radiant Portable Snow Melting

Radiant Trak Aluminum Top Stair Treads are designed for use in the harshest industrial, commercial and resort environments.  Aluminum top stair treads can be mounted permanently for year round use or removed seasonally as snow and ice accumulation dictate.  In commercial environments, ice-covered stairs are a high-risk area that can now be effectively managed! Radiant Trak aluminum top stair tread is made of extruded aluminum with an abrasive non-slip surface, designed to be laid over rubber stair mats.  The aluminum top stair treads are available in 11" widths and 2, 3, 4 and 5 foot lengths and are sold individually with its own 6’ long cord that plugs directly into an electrical junction box. Aluminum top stair treads are 220V and are hardwired directly into an electrical junction box.

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