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Radiant Trak Portable Snow Melting Mats
Information on the Portable Snow Mat from Heatizon Systems.

Heatizon Radiant Trak portable snow and ice melting products can provide a convenient and effective solution to snow and ice accumulation in discrete areas around the home or workplace.  Heatizon Radiant Trak portable snow mats are ideal for walkways, stairs, loading docks, handicap ramps and many other surfaces.  Radiant Trak snow mats   provide  a clean and safe passageway for foot, wheelchair or automobile access.




Radiant Trak products are built and tested according to UL Standard 499 and CSAE33501 electrical standards, and all components are UL Listed and come with a 2-year warranty.

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Walkway Snow Melting

Snow Melting on a Deck


Snow Melting for a Landing


Heatizon Radiant Trak portable radiant snow and ice melting mats melt snow without the effort of shoveling or snow blowing, and preserve surfaces from harsh chemicals.  Snow mats convenient portability allows them to be used in virtually any place where snow and ice are problematic.




Heatizon Radiant Trak products are extremely durable and are designed to be left outside for the entire winter season.  The electrically operated heating element is sandwiched between two protective surfaces of non-slip rubber.  The Radiant Trak products either plug directly into any standard 120V or 240V outlet using an equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI) or they can be hardwired into an electrical junction box.



Radiant Trak snow mats melt up to 2” of falling snow per hour, and cost as little as 60 cents a day to operate, depending on local cost per kilowatt hour.

Snow Melting for access ramp

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